cuTex is;

The name is derived from “cutting of textiles”.

The name has additional multiple meaning, including “cutting with excellence” and “ cutting expert ”

CUTEX is registered trademark in korea as well aw the USA, China and several other countries.

Leading Technology Company

As time goes by, people demand a higher level of skill than before. That’s why Taewoo, who has grown with customers for more than 30 years since its inception in 1986, is now more passionate about the development of today than yesterday. So we are leading the cutting technology by producing high-quality functional automation cutters that can increase the brand value of our customers.

The Spirit Of The Company Aiming To Be The Best

Through continuous innovation at two production plants located in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, and the development room, which are the cradle of new products and custom product development, Taewoo constantly strives to understand exactly what customers want and to gain a differentiated and fundamental competitive edge in product and technology. Thus, it has established itself as a leading manufacturer of automated cutters in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, food, packaging, electronics, and sewing.

A Future-Oriented Who People-Centric Company

Taewoo believes that the company’s long-term growth is only possible through people. That’s why we respect all members as individuals, listen to the opinions of each member, and provide them with opportunities to grow through work and performance. At the same time, the company is developing and growing into a global manufacturer of automatic cutting machines by discovering new growth engine industries in the future and strengthening its competitiveness as a manufacturer of automatic cutting machines representing the Republic of Korea, which leads the existing quality level to the highest.


Years of experience