• 1970's


    1979. Foundation df Taewoo Corp.

  • 1980's


    1986.11.19. Establish Taewoo Co., Ltd.

    1987.06. Launching thread winder, TR-3.

    1988.02.15. Launching knit tape cutter, TC-38.

  • 1990's


    1990.01.28. Launching automatic strip yape cutter, TBC-40 series.

    1994.03.06. Merge YOUNG-IN Cleaning Gun Co.

    1997.01.10 Launching automatic strip tape cutter, TBC-47 series.

    1998.09.10. Launching automatic strip tape cutter, TBC-98 series.

    1998.12.04. Moving to larger factory(Deokso, Wabu-eup, Namyangju-si)

    1998.07.14. Certified for CE conformity for TBC-47 series.

    1999.12.01. Extension to factory(total 1,410.56㎡)

  • 2000's


    2000.07.03. Cerified for CE conformity for TC-38A.

    2001.01.15. Launching ultrasonic strip tape. cutter, TBC-50 series.

    2001.05.11. Launching ultrasonic label citter, TUC-40S.

    2002.04.16. Launching laminator, TSM-05.

    2002.05.15. Launching ultrasonic label cut/folder, TUF-40S.

    2002.11.29. Awarded the prize of the secretary of the ministry of commerce, Industry and energy.

    2003.03. Launching reagent paper cutter, NSG-800 series.

    2003.03.28. Launching cutter & feeder for deoxidizer, dehumidifying agent, silica gel pack.

    2003.06.10. Launching cutter/vertical feeder for silica gel, TBC-50VC.

    2004. Launching automatic ribbon angle citter, TBC-50HX, TBC-55HX.

    Launching automatic webbing cutter, TBC-50LH series.

    Launching velcro cutter, TBC-50R series.

    Launching vertical blind cutter, TBC-127VF.

    Launching tube cutter, TBC-50TU series.

    2005.10.05. Launching new label cutter/stacker, TBC-55SK.

    2005.10.08. Certified for CE conformity for TBC-127V.

    2006.05.18. Launching silica gel pack winder, TW-LM series.

    2006. Launching rubber magnetic cutter, TMC-50.

    2007. Launching film cutter, HFC-310 series and TFC-460 series.

    2009.02.18. Launching cutter and slitter for medical tape, TSL-6010 series.

  • 2010's


    2010.06.21. Selected as 100 best company by Namyangju-city.

    2011. Launching automatic webbing angle cutting machine, TBC-50LHX series.

    2011.08. Certified for authorized exporter of Korea-EU FTA.

    2011.10. 2nd Extension to factory(total 1,815㎡)

    2012. Designated as a promising export firm by Namyangju-city.

    Launching faster ultrasonic label cutter/folder, TUF-62.