cuTex – The Expert in Automatic Cutting Machine (Manufacturer of Cutting Machine)



  • 1970's


    1979. Foundation df Taewoo Corp.

  • 1980's


    1986.11.19. Establish Taewoo Co., Ltd.

    1987.06. Launching thread winder, TR-3.

    1988.02.15. Launching knit tape cutter, TC-38.

  • 1990's


    1990.01.28. Launching automatic strip yape cutter, TBC-40 series.

    1994.03.06. Merge YOUNG-IN Cleaning Gun Co.

    1997.01.10 Launching automatic strip tape cutter, TBC-47 series.

    1998.09.10. Launching automatic strip tape cutter, TBC-98 series.

    1998.12.04. Moving to larger factory(Deokso, Wabu-eup, Namyangju-si)

    1998.07.14. Certified for CE conformity for TBC-47 series.

    1999.12.01. Extension to factory(total 1,410.56㎡)

  • 2000's


    2000.07.03. Cerified for CE conformity for TC-38A.

    2001.01.15. Launching ultrasonic strip tape. cutter, TBC-50 series.

    2001.05.11. Launching ultrasonic label citter, TUC-40S.

    2002.04.16. Launching laminator, TSM-05.

    2002.05.15. Launching ultrasonic label cut/folder, TUF-40S.

    2002.11.29. Awarded the prize of the secretary of the ministry of commerce, Industry and energy.

    2003.03. Launching reagent paper cutter, NSG-800 series.

    2003.03.28. Launching cutter & feeder for deoxidizer, dehumidifying agent, silica gel pack.

    2003.06.10. Launching cutter/vertical feeder for silica gel, TBC-50VC.

    2004. Launching automatic ribbon angle citter, TBC-50HX, TBC-55HX.

    Launching automatic webbing cutter, TBC-50LH series.

    Launching velcro cutter, TBC-50R series.

    Launching vertical blind cutter, TBC-127VF.

    Launching tube cutter, TBC-50TU series.

    2005.10.05. Launching new label cutter/stacker, TBC-55SK.

    2005.10.08. Certified for CE conformity for TBC-127V.

    2006.05.18. Launching silica gel pack winder, TW-LM series.

    2006. Launching rubber magnetic cutter, TMC-50.

    2007. Launching film cutter, HFC-310 series and TFC-460 series.

    2009.02.18. Launching cutter and slitter for medical tape, TSL-6010 series.

  • 2010's


    2010.06.21. Selected as 100 best company by Namyangju-city.

    2011. Launching automatic webbing angle cutting machine, TBC-50LHX series.

    2011.08. Certified for authorized exporter of Korea-EU FTA.

    2011.10. 2nd Extension to factory(total 1,815㎡)

    2012. Designated as a promising export firm by Namyangju-city.

    Launching faster ultrasonic label cutter/folder, TUF-62.

Patent & Award

More than 20 patents, including patents for TBC-50SH.



We’ve been showing our machine in exhibition more than 100 times since 1987.


Overseas agents

Our agents in 94 countries, including the Americas, eastern, western part of Europe, eastern,  southern Asia, etc.


Our products

As of 2012, we supply 70 ready-made goods and also we are specialized for order-made products.